A mental health awareness campaign 

Don’t Suffer In Silence – Our Mission Statement: 

A Mental Health & Well being network aimed at changing societies perception of mental illness. 

The bridge from Mental Ilness to Mental Wellness. 

Marcus Tisson | Founder 

Carly Balfourth | Co Founder

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental health disorders or neurological illness at some point in their lives.
DON’T Suffer in Silence is a mental health awareness campaign UK founded by Marcus Tisson after he lost his mother to suicide in 2016. Shortly after he set up D.S.I.S his childhood friend Carly Balfourth who has suffered with depression became Co Founder.

DON’T Suffer in Silence aims to support people battling depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses by organising mental health fundraisers in aid of charities and support groups nationwide.

Speak out. Your voice matters…

SOCIAL MEDIA USERS – Get involved and show your support by using #DONTSUFFERINSILENCE & #DSIS– together we can help shine a light on mental health, bring it out of the dark and give people the support they deserve…